Admissions Classification

Graduate students are classified according to their relationship to formal programs, as follows:

Regular Status: The student who has met satisfactorily all the general requirements of the University at the graduate level and the specific requirements of the department in which the graduate program is given.

Conditional Status: The student who must fulfill some conditions imposed by the department before admission to regular status; and the student whose preparation cannot yet be determined.

Non- degree or Special Student Status: A student who fulfills all the requirements and is taking courses for credit but is not seeking a degree. Non-degree students who intend to apply formally for admission in a degree program may complete up to 9 semester hours before making formal application. Should a student accumulate 12 semester hours without making formal application in a degree program and the student intends to become a degree student, the student MUST apply for degree status BEFORE TAKING ADDITIONAL COURSES. Hours earned beyond 12 as a non-degree student WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TOWARD COMPLETION OF THE DEGREE (Exception: requirements for Post-Master in Clinical Counseling). All students contemplating studying for a degree are encouraged to complete formal application immediately. Special Student status applies to those students who are admitted to take a limited number of graduate courses but are not matriculated into a master’s program.