Shared Governance Council

The Shared Governance Council includes the following administrators, faculty, staff, and students:

I.  Executive Team

   Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR

   Fr. Jonathan St. Andre

   Dr. Stephen Hildebrand

   Mr. Brenan Pergi

   Mr. Bob Hickey,

   Dr. Dan Dentino,

   Mr. Robert Dougherty

   Vice President of Enrollment Management – TBD)

II.  School Deans

   Dr. Christin Jungers

   Dr. Regina Boerio

   Dr. David Collins

   Dr. Ron Bolster

III.  Dean for Online Programming, Dr. Cory Maloney

IV.  Dean of Advising and Academic Operations, Dr. Ann Dulany

V.  VP of Center for Evangelization, Mr. Mark Joseph

VI.  Exec. Director of Austrian Program, Mr. Tom Wolter

VII. Faculty Council Rep (TBD - chosen by the Faculty Council)

VIII.  Faculty Welfare Rep (chosen by Faculty Welfare Committee)

IX.  Staff Council Rep (chosen by the Staff Council)

X.  Student Govt President,  Gabriel Denley

XI. .Local Minister (TOR)