Dr. David Collins, chair

Dr. Jeffrey Rohde

Dr. Matthew Srnec

Dr. Mark Watry


The science of chemistry probes the composition, structure, and behavior of matter— from the simplest atom to the most complex molecule. Chemistry investigates the material world—from the chemicals of living beings to the chemicals that are necessary and convenient to our lives, to the matter of the universe.

The Department of Chemistry offers both major and minor programs of study. The major program is designed to impart an understanding of the basic principles of the science, to familiarize students with laboratory techniques, and to introduce students to the methods of scientific reasoning. This program prepares students to continue their studies in graduate and professional schools and to seek employment in the academic and industrial chemical communities.

The minor program supports and enhances studies of other majors such as biology.

Assessment Learning Goals

At the completion of the Chemistry Major, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Explain fundamental concepts and solve problems in the major traditional knowledge areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic and physical).
  2. Display proficiency in fundamental laboratory skills, including safety and the use of instruments and computers.
  3. (AYA Chemistry only) Satisfy Ohio Department of Education Licensure requirements.

Chemistry Course Descriptions