Business Administration

Dr. Thomas Kelly, chair

Dr. Carrie Gilligan

Prof. Albert Macre, MS, CPA

Dr. Cory Maloney

Dr. Robert McDonald, JD

Prof. Jeffrey Rankin

Dr. Michael Welker

Prof. Thomas Wilson, JD

Prof. Joseph Zoric, director of the MBA program


The mission of the Department of Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics is to provide undergraduate and graduate students a business education that is grounded in real-world best practice and illuminated by Catholic social thought.  Our programs equip students with an outstanding professional competence that is fully integrated with the Franciscan value of transformational leadership in order for them to become business leaders that are ready to advance society in both profit and non-profit organizations.

This program prepares young men and women to meet the demands of business and industry. The holder of the bachelor of science degree in business administration will advance more rapidly through various supervisory levels and will be given more responsibility and authority.

In addition to the general and two-fold aim of instruction in theory and practice, the Department of Business Administration has the following specific objectives: to contribute to the cultural objectives and scope of liberal education; to impart a general but thorough knowledge and appreciation of business life; to prepare majors for graduate study in the field of business; and to integrate the art of business management with principles of Christian culture and philosophy.

Five different programs in business administration are available with majors in economics, finance, international business, management, and marketing. Several required courses are offered in alternating years. These cycled courses are indicated in the section on course descriptions.

Business Course Descriptions