Dr. Thomas Kelly, chair

Prof. Albert Macre, CPA

Dr. Michael Welker


The mission of the Department of Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics is to provide undergraduate and graduate students a business education that is grounded in real-world best practice and illuminated by Catholic social thought.  Our programs equip students with an outstanding professional competence that is fully integrated with the Franciscan value of transformational leadership in order for them to become business leaders that are ready to advance society in both profit and non-profit organizations.


Accounting is an indispensable tool of modern business and one of the fastest growing professions. Since the contemporary accountant develops budgets, probes costs, measures performance, and helps plan for future development, a wide knowledge outside the field is also needed. This includes a background in economics, finance and law. In addition, students planning to concentrate in this field are given a basic liberal arts background fundamental to a collegiate education.

Assessment Learning Goals

  1. Students will be able to:
  2. Identify and distinguish the most essential definitions and theories in the core areas of business.
  3. Develop effective written forms of communication which demonstrate analytical and critical-thinking skills using decision support tools in an integrated manner in the analysis of organizational problems and challenges.
  4. Evaluate ethical issues involving complex accounting processes in light of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Catholic social thought.

Accounting Course Descriptions