Departmental Overview

PURPOSE: “Leadership” is a way of thinking about education; it is the ability to anticipate, cope with, respond to, or initiate change effectively in the schools.

In keeping with the rich Catholic tradition of Franciscan University of Steubenville, the Education Department accepts the responsibility of preparing quality educators for the 21st century. The department is confident that it is prepared to meet the challenge of training educators who possess the skills and abilities deemed necessary to be master teachers and leaders.

The University has been proactive in its approach to education. The Education Department realizes the significance and importance of having educators prepared to exercise leadership qualities and abilities in their present position and/or positions they are seeking. Therefore, the MS in Education Program’s curriculum was developed to provide a holistic perspective of education by emphasizing curriculum, instruction, leadership, and the classroom teaching environment. The department’s approach to an integrated curriculum is through interdepartmental/ interdisciplinary collaboration and team teaching. The integrated curriculum affords each individual the opportunity of strengthening personal, intellectual, interpersonal, and spiritual growth.

The Master of Science in Educational Administration and Master of Science in Education share the same organizing theme: developing educators who possess leadership abilities and qualities.

The Core Area is common to both master’s degree programs. It is imperative that students are well grounded in philosophical foundations and research skills to be informed educators.

The Concentration Area exposes students to contemporary content-based course work. The designated courses provide an in-depth view of all facets of education, expanding the student’s academic knowledge base, encouraging independent thought, and aiding the development of professional growth. The courses in the concentration are vital to the development of teacher leaders who are to become effective change agents and share in the achievement of organizational goals.

Ultimately, the curriculum, preparing teachers as leaders, is designed to prepare the individual to grow intellectually and spiritually, to share in the achievement of organizational goals, to function more effectively within the classroom environment, and to operate effectively and efficiently regardless of the designated role within the organization.