Scheduling and Sequence of Courses

There are a total of 37 credits in the core program. The normal student load is two evenings of class per term, and a typical program will last six terms, or 24 months. The core program is highly structured and the successive courses are designed to build upon previous courses. For this reason, the student’s scheduling in the program is fairly well determined.

All entering core students are required to register for BUS 601Business Ethics and the Law, and may take any other 600-level course. All 600-level courses should be completed prior to taking 700-level courses. However, a student may take his or her last 600-level course concurrently with his or her first 700-level course. All 700-level courses should be completed before a student takes BUS 900: Business Policy and Strategy.

In order to give proper emphasis to leadership and interpersonal relations skill development, all students are required to take BUS 880: Communications and BUS 881: Managerial Leadership Workshop. These two courses may be taken at any time in the student’s progression through the program.

The University permits selected students to complete a maximum of four credits of independent studies (two, two-credit electives, or one, four-credit elective). There is no provision in the MBA Pro- gram for formal thesis work.