Residence Living

Franciscan University is committed to developing and sustaining a residential environment that fosters Christian maturity in every area of life. Residential programming is designed to help students achieve their academic, spiritual, and personal goals. The Residence Life staff is composed of full-time, live-in, professionals who provide leadership, guidance, supervision, and facility management.

Residency Requirement

Franciscan University has a residential living requirement for undergraduates under the age of 22. For details see the Franciscan University website.

Students seeking an undergraduate degree must live on campus unless they:

  • Are age 22 by September 15
  • Are 21 and have earned 88 credits by September 15
  • Live with a parent or guardian in the local area

If you do not meet these qualifications and would like to apply for an exception, please contact the housing specialist in the Student Life Office. Exceptions are rarely granted.

Wellness Center

At the Wellness Center, located on the ground floor of Finnegan Fieldhouse, the door is wide open for you. Whether you have a serious health concern or simply a curious question, you are encouraged to drop by or call for an appointment. To serve your needs, we have two branches at the Wellness Center: the Counseling Service focuses on emotional and psychological health, and the Health Service offers health education, prevention of illnesses, and primary medical care.

Health Service

The Health Center staff provides assessment and treatment of common illnesses, first aid, suture removal, administration of some injectable medications (including allergy serums), dressing applications, weight and nutrition counseling, health teaching, and referrals to various community and on-campus services. The Health Center is not a full-service emergency room or clinic; however, it is staffed by registered nurses and a nurse practitioner Monday through Friday on regular class days. The required Student Health Form is kept on file at the Wellness Center.

Every student living in a residence hall must notify Student Life of their vaccination for meningococcal and hepatitis B disease per Ohio law. Students cannot be admitted to the residence hall without indicating this on the Student Health Form.

When ordered by a physician, diagnostic lab and X-ray testing is done at Trinity Medical Center. Emergency health and medical problems are also referred to Trinity Medical Center. Dental referrals may also be scheduled as needed.

There is a $10 fee for all appointments, payable by cash, check, or credit/debit card at that time. Tests for mono and strep are available for a nominal cost also. Other specialized vaccines can be ordered, but the prices vary. Call the Wellness Center for information. Prescription medications, which can be delivered to the Wellness Center from local pharmacies, must be purchased by the student.

Counseling Service

Counseling is a specialized field in the helping professions that seeks to understand and improve human behavior. Our staff includes trained counselors and social workers, licensed in Ohio, who help others lead more effective and satisfying lives.

Our staff strives to blend the best in mental health care with Christian principles as we work with individuals and groups of students. By listening to and assessing student problems, counseling goals are established for each student.

In addition to traditional forms of counseling, support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and survival of childhood abuse or neglect are offered on campus. Our staff maintains relationships with local providers of psychiatric services, enabling us to refer students to these services as needed.

Counseling fees are $10 for an individual session, payable by cash, check, or credit/debit card at the time of the appointment.

Health Insurance

We encourage students to decide how to provide for accidents or illnesses requiring visits to physicians, health clinics, or the hospital emergency room while enrolled as a student at Franciscan University. Students may be eligible to have coverage under parents’ health insurance or be able to purchase some other private health insurance while enrolled as a student. The University has an on-campus Wellness Center staffed by a certified nurse practitioner, Monday through Friday during normal business hours for health needs. No insurance is necessary to receive basic health-related services at the Wellness Center, and the visits cost only $10 at the time of service. If a student is referred off campus for further lab testing, physician specialists, x-rays, etc., students will be responsible to pay for these services.