Student Academic Support Services

The purpose of the Student Academic Support Services office is to provide academic support to all students and assist individuals in reaching their full academic potential. We help students accomplish their academic goals through academic counseling, individual and group tutoring, and learning skills programs, as well as individualized accommodation plans for students with disabilities. The Student Academic Support Services Office is located in 105 Egan Hall.

Disability Services

The office’s mission is to collaborate with and empower students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life. The staff strives to create and sustain a welcoming, accessible, and supportive environment to promote academic independence and success of all students with disabilities.

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008, Franciscan University endeavors to offer reasonable accommodations to students who have a disability. However, since a degree in a particular academic area connotes the possession of certain intellectual skills, the University does not reduce or waive course requirements for individual students.

Students with a disability requiring accommodations are responsible for notifying Student Academic Support Services. In order to qualify for services, a student must provide current and complete documentation of a specific disability that substantially impacts or limits one or more major life activities. Documentation should be presented as soon as possible following acceptance in order to evaluate individual needs. Since accommodations are not retroactive, it is important that all students requesting accommodations meet with the director of Student Academic Support Services prior to or during the first week of classes. Please contact Student Academic Support Services at 740-284-5358 if you have questions about services or to schedule an appointment.

Additional information, forms, and policies regarding academic, housing or dietary accommodations can be found on the University website: htpp://

Tutoring Program

During the fall and spring semesters, individual and small group peer tutoring in all subject areas is available to students who meet the criteria for academic assistance. Request forms are available in Egan 105. In addition, a Mathematics Tutoring Lab is available approximately thirty hours per week during the academic year. Students experiencing minor difficulties with their math coursework may drop in during scheduled open tutoring lab hours for assistance. Finally, a variety of study skills workshops are offered throughout the academic year in time management, test taking skills, learning styles, and note taking. If needed, students can receive individual assistance in these areas from a member of the Student Academic Support Services staff.

The Writing Center

Franciscan University’s Writing Center (105H Egan Hall) provides free help to students who need assistance with their writing. Students work with peer writing consultants who provide collaboration in a one-on-one context during any stage of the writing process. The center does not function as a drop-off editorial service; rather, it nurtures students to become more effective writers through the dynamics of questioning and dialoging. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit the Writing Center web page.

The Language Learning Café

Franciscan University’s Language Learning Café (205 Egan Hall) supports the acquisition of foreign languages by making use of computer technology and an array of other resources. It is available for private practice, group study, reading, listening, and viewing enjoyment. Furthermore it provides free peer mini-tutoring sessions and offers opportunities for peer-level practice in conversation.

Computer Labs

There are five main computer labs on campus as well as various other departmental labs for student use. The main labs are located in Egan Hall 100, PC lab, 103--MAC lab on the first floor, and a multi-media lab/classroom on the ground floor G-7.

In addition, student labs are located in the John Paul II Library and Cosmas/Damian Hall. All computers are Internet accessible and have a full range of software for student use as well as specific software for various educational programs used for different classes and majors. All computer labs are staffed with knowledgeable lab assistants willing to support students in the use of the computers or software.