Academic Probation and Dismissal

If a student’s quality point average (QPA) is below that required for his or her student classification, the student is placed in one of four categories, determined by the Academic Review Board:

  1. Freshman Warning: This category is reserved for freshmen, as defined in the Student Classification (that is based solely on total college credit hours completed, and therefore including transfer students and others who enter with college credits), who do not achieve the minimum required 1.80 QPA. Students in this category are issued a Freshman Warning by the Academic Review Board. Any student receiving this warning must comply with the same conditions described in category two, Probation.
  2. Probation: This category is for students other than freshmen whose QPA drops below the minimum and means that the student has one academic semester to attain the required cumulative QPA or be subject to possible dismissal. Probation is not devised as a punishment period but rather as a protective measure. Thus, no student on probation may hold any office in any class, club, organization, sorority, fraternity, household or have an editorial position on any student publication. In addition, no student on probation may participate on any varsity athletic team. Students who have received notification by the Academic Review Board that they are on academic probation have a special responsibility to restrict activities that might interfere with academic work and to work diligently to remove that deficiency. They are also required to seek extra help from the Student Academic Services and the Student Success Coordinator.
  3. Extended Probation: A student in this category is one who was previously on Probation or Extended Probation, attained the required term QPA, but did not achieve the required cumulative QPA. This category is conditional and communicated to the student according to the Academic Review Board’s guidelines. By letter, students will be given conditions that must be maintained during Extended Probation. Normally the Academic Review Board will permit a student to remain on probationary status for more than two consecutive semesters only if the student attains the minimum term QPA and his/her cumulative QPA is improving sufficiently so that the Academic Review Board expects that he or she will have the required cumulative QPA in time to graduate.
  4. Dismissal: Any student who earns less than a 1.00 QPA in any given semester is subject to dismissal. In addition, any student is subject to dismissal if after one semester of probation he or she fails to achieve the required term QPA.
  5. Reinstatement: Students who have been dismissed from the University are ineligible to apply for readmission until the lapse of one semester. Students desiring readmission after the expiration of this period must submit an application for readmission along with a petition to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. These forms may be obtained from the Admissions Office. If reinstated, the student will enroll on probation; if the student fails to meet the minimum term QPA, the student will be subject to dismissal at the end of the semester. Students dismissed a second time may not apply for readmission. The decision of the Academic Review Board is final.