Academic Advising

The principal responsibility for fulfilling graduation requirements rests with the individual student. However, it is strongly recommended that students seek academic advice from the teaching faculty.

Upon enrollment at Franciscan University, each student is assigned an academic advisor. Students who have chosen a major are advised by a faculty member from the major department. Students who have not yet chosen a major are advised by a faculty member or graduate assistant assigned by the Advising Office in Egan Hall.

The faculty members’ duties to those who seek their counsel are to assist students in classroom performance; to direct students in the area of the subject matter they teach; to aid students in understanding the varied possibilities and directions of a life’s career within the student’s chosen field; and to recommend courses that will correct a weakness or enhance the student’s desired goals and interests.

Each student must fulfill all general, procedural, and specific requirements and abide by all pertinent academic regulations in order to earn a degree at Franciscan University. It is the student’s responsibility to learn the requirements, policies, and procedures governing the program being followed and to act accordingly. The Advising Office in Egan Hall is a primary source of information in these areas.

Students and advisors may evaluate course work completed at Franciscan as well as transfer course work. If adjustments are necessary, the advisor will petition the Director of Advising and Academic Operations who will assess the request and either approve the request or deny it. Any changes to the student’s program will be documented on the student’s advising worksheet.

Students will be able to monitor the completion of their degree requirements via the advising worksheet on MyFranciscan. This worksheet will show courses completed, courses needed and adjustments to their major and minor programs. Academic advisors have this information as well. Students should meet regularly with their advisors to be sure they understand their program of study.