Administrators Council

 Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR  President
 Dr. Regina Boerio

 Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

 Mr. Mark Joseph  Vice President of the University's Center for Evangelization
 Dr. Christin Jungers  Dean, School of Professional Programs
 Dr. Daniel Kempton  Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Dr. Daniel Kuebler  Dean, School of Natural and Applies Sciences
 Dr. Cory Maloney  Dean of Online Programs
 Mr.Thomas Pappalardo  Vice President of Development
 Mr. Brenan Pergi  Vice President of Human Resources
 Mr. Joel Recznik  Vice President of Enrollment Management
 Mr. Richard Rollino  Vice President of Finance
 Mr. David Schmiesing  Vice President of Student Life
 Mrs. Kimberly Sponseller  Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
 Fr. Jonathan St. Andre  Vice President of Franciscan Life
 Dr. Paul Symington  Dean, School of Theology and Philosophy