Policy on Student Drivers


The University is committed to being good stewards of University resources and to a responsible risk management program that ensures adequate selection and training of student drivers and prevents high-risk drivers from driving vehicles for the University.



The purpose of this policy is to clarify University policies and procedures regarding students driving vehicles for University business purposes.

See also: Student Driver Application



Faculty and staff who require students to drive University owned or rented vehicles or personal vehicles on University business.  Students applying for and accepting SWOP positions requiring driving University owned and rented vehicles.  Students volunteering to drive their personal vehicle.  



Direct any general questions about this policy to your supervisor.

If you have questions about specific issues, clarification or exceptions, contact the following office: Mail Services mailservices@franciscan.edu or 740-283-6272



Business Expense

An ordinary, necessary, and reasonable charge for goods or services that fosters or supports the ongoing missions of the university.

Business Purpose

A detailed explanation of the event and reason for incurring business expenses – name, date(s), and destination of event.

Collision Damage Waiver/Liability Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW)

A type of insurance that provides protection for any damage that may occur to the vehicle you have rented.


Corporate, Fleet, or Procurement Card

A university owned credit card with a personal named user or a general department name used for business related purchases and travel, for which an employee may apply with the permission of his or her department and charged directly to a specific university account.

Declarations Page

The front page (or pages) of a policy that specifies the named insured, address, policy period, location of premises, policy limits, and other key information that varies from insured to insured. The declarations page is also known as the information page.


Department of Motor Vehicle is a state-level government agency that administers vehicle registration and driver licensing.

Official Travel

Travel on approved university business.

Ordinary, Necessary, and Reasonable Expense

An expense is ordinary if it is normal and customary. An expense is necessary if it is appropriate and helpful to the business. An expense is reasonable if a prudent person would incur the expense in similar circumstances.

Proof of Insurance

Documentation that reflects named insured, address, policy period, policy limits. See Declarations Page.




Prior approval: Students must receive prior approval from Mail Services before driving any personal, rented, or University-owned vehicle for University business purposes. Approval is acknowledged with the issuance of a University driving permit. Permits must be renewed annually.  Approval is dependent upon a safe driving record as determined by student’s driving record obtained from the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicle) in the state which issued the driver’s license, personal auto insurance coverage, and passing the online driving safety module, and maneuverability driving assessment.

University business purpose: With respect to this policy, “University business purpose” is understood as any situation where:

  • A student is driving a University-owned vehicle at the request of, or under the

direction of, a University faculty or staff member for purposes directly related to the business of the University; or

  • student is driving a vehicle that is being rented and paid for by the University for purposes directly related to the business of the University; or

  • a student is driving a personal vehicle at the request of, or under the direction of, a University faculty or staff member for purposes directly related to the business of the University; or

  • a student is voluntarily driving their personal vehicle and will be compensated or reimbursed by the University or by Student Government for time, fuel, or other driving-related expenses.

  • While driving a personal vehicle is permissible, it is also highly discouraged. The student’s insurance will bear all liability. If the vehicle is titled under the parent, the student must have permission to drive on university business.

Use of vehicles:  University owned and rented vehicles may be driven by students for University business purposes only.

Students are never required to use their personal vehicle for University business purposes; student use of personally owned vehicles is always voluntary. (While driving a personal vehicle is permissible it is also highly discouraged. The student or parent’s insurance will bear all liability.)

Insurance coverage: The University’s insurance coverage is primary when an approved student is driving a University owned or rented vehicle for University business purposes.

A student’s personal auto liability coverage is primary when using a personally owned vehicle. Students driving personal vehicles must carry automobile insurance with bodily injury liability coverage of at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident, coverage for medical payments to others of at least $10,000 per person, and property damage coverage of at least $50,000.

Minimum age: Students must be at least 18 years of age to drive personal or University-owned vehicles. Students must be at least 18 years of age to drive rental cars and vans unless the rental agency requires a different age.

License qualifications:  Student drivers must have held a valid U.S. driver’s license for at least two years.  To be eligible to drive a 14-passenger van with driver, the driver must be at least 25 years of age and have a valid license for 4 years.

Training:  Supervisors (See Supervisors responsibilities on Page 5) are responsible for scheduling the training required for approval and issuance of a University student driver card with the Mail Services Manager. Student drivers must complete online training module with a minimum score of 80% and pass maneuverability driving assessment.

Students are required to renew driving privileges annually by repeating the approval process (see Student Driver Training Process and Procedures).

  • Drivers must not drive more than 2 hours of continuous highway driving without taking a fifteen (15) minute break and may not drive more than 8 hours within a 24-hour period.

  • Only authorized students, staff and faculty are permitted in the University vehicles.

  • Student drivers must drive the vehicle at speeds appropriate for road conditions and in compliance with state laws.  Any ticket(s) received is the responsibility of the driver.

  • Student drivers will not use a cell phone, including hands free and drive.  If there is a need to use a cell phone, driver must pull over and park.

  • Student drivers and all passengers must wear seat belt.

  • Smoking is not allowed in vehicle

  • Student drivers must not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Student drivers must immediately report all accidents or violations to the city or state police and to the Business Services by email BusinessServices@franciscan.edu.

Student Driving Training Process and Procedures

  1. Submit a “Student Driver Application” form with a copy of the student’s driver license and proof of auto insurance to Joe Wallace, Mail Services Manager, on the ground floor of the J.C. Williams Center.  Applications are available at the Mail Services customer service window or by email at mailservices@franciscan.edu. When requesting by email the subject line should include “Student Driver Application”.

  2. All fields on the form must be complete, legible, initialed, and signed.

  3. A copy of the applicant’s driving record will be requested from the appropriate state. By signing the Student Driver’s Application, the student authorizes Mail Services to obtain their state issued driving record.

  4. The student applicant will receive instructions to register, view and answer questions to the online driver safety module.  The online module must be completed and a score of 80% must be achieved.

  5. The final step in the permit process is a driving test. Each student must schedule an appointment through Mail Services to complete a maneuverability test in a 12 Passenger Van.

  6. All documentation, online test score, and driving test will be reviewed for approval. When approved (allow two business days for approval), the applicant and supervisor will receive an email indicating approval of driving privileges and to obtain their driving permit before driving on university business.

  7. If the student applicant is denied driving privileges for Franciscan University an email will be sent to the applicant and the authorizing supervisor  with an explanation.

  8. Student drivers must apply for driving privileges on an annual basis – see date issued on the driving permit.

Personal vehicle approvals:  All students must have a University driving permit when driving personal vehicles on University business. If the vehicle is owned by someone other than the student, the student must provide approval from the owner for business use and proof of insurance. The owner’s auto insurance will be the primary liability carrier.

Consequences: Students drivers who do not follow these policies and procedures will have their driving privileges revoked for the academic school year. Students who continually disregard these policies will have their driving privileges revoked permanently.


  • Know the Student Drivers Policy
  • Verify Students Workers who are required to drive have completed the Student Driver Process.

  •  Confirm off campus accidents are reported to the local Police Department, on campus accidents are reported to Campus Safety and all accidents are reported to BusinessServices@franciscan.edu