Sign and Advertisement Policy

In order to preserve the appearance of our campus buildings and grounds for both the University community and its visitors, postings are restricted to certain areas on campus. The content of all signs and advertisements must be consistent with the University’s identity and mission as a Catholic Franciscan institution. The promotion of University events and activities is supported through the policy described here

Prior Approval for Events and Fundraisers

Any group, organization or department may not hang or post event advertisements until the event has been approved through the Master Calendar process. In addition, student organizations may not advertise for a fundraiser prior to the approval of the Vending Committee.

Content for All Postings

All postings must include the full name of the sponsoring group (not just acronyms).  It is recommended that postings also include:

The time, date, and place of the event (if relevant).

A contact number, Facebook page, or email for more information.

Any fees, costs to participate, entrance requirements, etc

Advertising for Events or Establishments Where Alcohol Will be Served

Advertisements for events or establishments where alcohol will be served may not focus primarily on the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages.

Postings that advertise establishments or events where alcohol may be purchased or served must contain the following disclaimer: “Must be 21 years or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.”

All advertisements for events or establishments where alcohol will be served must be approved by the assistant vice president of Student Life prior to posting.

Please see the Alcohol Policy advertising guidelines for more details.

Posting: Indoors


Bulletin boards designated for posting of advertisements are inside the J.C. Williams Center, Egan Hall, Antonian Hall (Cafeteria), Finnegan Fieldhouse, St. Joseph Center and Cosmas and Damian. Approval for these specific areas is not necessary if the posting is consistent with the University mission and adheres to the requirements of the Sign and Advertising Policy.

Postings inside the residence halls including Assisi Heights Community Center require approval from the Student Life Office or the residence hall director (see separate heading in this section).

Posting in the St. John Paul II Library is very limited and requires the approval of the Head of Public Services or their designee.

Postings, flyers, or other advertisements in Christ the King Chapel are not permitted.


Flyers or other advertisement may not be distributed by hand. Postings and advertisements are not permitted on windows or doors, bathroom mirrors or stall doors, walls, windows, pillars, or in common areas of buildings. *See separate heading Table Tents

Postings may be no larger than 11 x 17.

Poster board size (30” x 36”) may be approved in unique circumstances with permission from the director of Student Activities and Programming. Do not create postings larger than 11 x 17 without seeking approval.

Postings on bulletin boards will be limited to 14 days or until event is over.

Do not post over current flyers/signs.

"Plastering" bulletin boards is not permitted. Any student group or organization found to be in violation of the rules will lose posting privileges.

Postings should be posted with push pins or with masking tape (low adhesive tape). DO NOT use duct tape or packing tape.

Unofficial, off campus student parties may not be advertised .

Products and services from outside vendors that are in direct competition with the University Bookstore may only be advertised through the student newspaper with the prior approval of the Vendor Committee.

Complete removal of all postings on bulletin boards will occur at the conclusion of each semester.

Any student or organization found in violation of the Campus Sign and Advertisement Policy will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.


Special permission may be given by the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk for the hanging of a banner in the Main Lounge Area of the J.C. Williams Center.

The banner must be horizontal and no longer than 36” x 72”.

Banners may be hung no more than 10 days prior to an event if space is available.

Banners may only be hung in designated areas within the J.C. Williams Center.

Unless specifically requested, banners will be disposed of by the J.C. Williams Center staff upon expiration.


Posters should be no larger than 30”36”mounted on foam board or sturdy poster board.

Easels are limited and must be reserved through the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk for the J.C. Williams Center. Easel displays in Egan Hall may be approved by contacting the secretary to the vice president of Academic Affairs.

Advertising is limited to 3 days prior to the event including the day of the event.

Student Mailboxes

Stuffing student mailboxes is not permitted.

Table Tents

Table tents should be no larger than an 81/2 x 11) card stock paper folded in half.

Table tents for the J.C. Williams Center and Antonian Hall must receive prior approval from the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk

Signs and Advertisements in Residence Halls

Must be approved and stamped in the Student Life Office or by the resident director of each residence hall.

Use sticky tac, blue painters tape, or push pins (for corkboards).

Do not use packaging tape, duct tape, etc. which damages surfaces.

Postings are restricted to corkboards and designated areas only. Check with residence hall staff for specifics.

Distribution of advertisements and flyers in the residence halls is only permitted with the permission of the Residence Director.

Posting - Outdoor General


Postings are not permitted on sidewalks or campus buildings (including the use of chalk), lamp posts, or signs staked into the ground. Postings may not be affixed to any plant, tree, University sign or statues on campus or any undesignated area

Banners may only be posted on the outside of a building with the permission of the building director.

Postings may not be attached to any handrails.

Postings may not be placed on vehicle windshields. Any student group or organization violating this clause will be responsible for the cost of removing the flyers.

Advertising on the kiosks is limited to events that are sponsored by University recognized organizations or by University departments.

Organizations may place a sign on all four sides of the kiosks in order to improve their visibility.

Kiosk signs may be no larger than 11 x 17.

Kiosk advertising will be limited to 7 days or date of expiration.

Signs advertising items for sale, rental properties, or other miscellaneous postings are not permitted on the kiosks

Sidewalk Sandwich Boards

Events sponsored by student organizations may be advertised with the approval of the director of Student Activities and Programming by use of standard-size sandwich boards to promote campus wide events.

Such advertising shall extend for a period of no longer than one (1) week.

Placement of sandwich boards must not restrict pedestrian flow nor create a risk for people with disabilities. Sandwich boards may be located at approved locations only; specifically outside the J.C. Williams Center, Egan Hall, and Antonian entrances.


The Director of Student Activities and Programming may remove any posting, advertisements, and/or flyers throughout campus that do not comply with this policy.