Residence Hall Information

Living on Campus

Living on campus at Franciscan University of Steubenville allows students to immerse themselves in a Christian community and to take full advantage of the many services and opportunities offered by the Student Life Department.

The Residence Life Program supports students achieving their academic, spiritual, and personal goals. Because a strong community depends on respect for the rights of others, considerate behavior, and good judgment, residents are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct at all times. Behavior should reflect maturity and respect for the dignity of other students, in keeping with the University’s Franciscan values. Behavior that threatens or endangers the safety or property of others will be subject to disciplinary action. Each resident is responsible for reading and adhering to the policies, regulations, and rules of conduct as set forth by Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Assisi Heights Apartment Complex

Assisi Heights apartments are available to juniors, and seniors. Students requesting housing in Assisi Heights must apply as a group and submit the application by the published deadline.  Student housing in Assisi Heights affords residents the opportunity to exercise freedom and responsibility in an environment more conducive to the maturity of upperclassmen. At the same time, students of the heights are to be an example to younger students by living in accordance with the mission of Franciscan University.  The Code of Student Conduct applies to residents of Assisi Heights. Policies governing this community reflect this dual understanding. Students living in Assisi Heights receive information about policies specific to Assisi Heights at the mandatory meeting at the beginning of each semester. Students may lose the privilege of residing in Assisi Heights for violations of the Code of Student Conduct and the Assisi Heights policies.  For further information on Assisi Heights’ housing, please refer to the Franciscan University website.

Housing Accommodations

Students seeking a housing accommodation must contact the Office of Student Academic Support Services to complete the required process. Generally, housing accommodations are not granted without proper documentation from the Office of Student Academic Support Services. Franciscan University is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate housing accommodations to students with disabilities. Accordingly, it is the policy of Franciscan University to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, the Fair Housing Act, and other regulations issues there under to the extent applicable to the University. All students wishing to request a housing accommodation are required to submit:

  1. Housing Accommodation Application

  2. Current documentation of a disability that limits one or more life activities

 Appropriate forms, documentation requirements, deadlines and additional information is on the University website or at the Office of Student Academic Support Services in Egan Hall, Room 105.

Off-Campus Living

Franciscan University contracts with an independent agency, Places for Students, to assist students in connecting with local property owners. This service provides an up-to-date list of local apartments, houses, and duplexes to rent. Access the agency’s website from the University website by typing off campus housing in the search bar.

Students who live off campus must arrange for their own housing. Students who choose to sign a rental agreement with property owners, property managers, or leasing agents do so at their own risk. A contractual agreement exists between the students and the agent exclusive of the University. Franciscan University is not an intermediary between tenants and property owners, managers or agents.  Franciscan University of Steubenville does not approve or endorse any listing.

Prior approval from the University is required to move off campus.  If you are an on-campus student interested in moving off campus, please note that the University has a residency requirement that states:

Students seeking an undergraduate degree must live on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria

are age 22 by September 15 of the academic year

have earned 88+ credits by the start of the academic year and are at least 21 by September 15

live with a parent or legal guardian in the local area.

Students who are eligible to move off campus must submit an Off-Campus Request Form available in the Student Life Office or on My Franciscan. All students requesting to live off campus must have approval from the Student Life Office.  Students seeking an exception to the residency requirement must also complete this form and wait for approval from the Student Life Office. Exceptions to the residency living requirement are rare. Forms are typically processed within 72 hours and students are notified of the decision via campus email. Off-Campus Request Forms are available in the Student Life Office or on My Franciscan. Once a student receives approval to move off campus, the student may no longer be able to procure on-campus housing.