Program Objectives

The program objectives are to help suitable and committed individuals:  

  1. Describe human nature based on a Christian philosophical perspective, thus reflecting a holistic, developmental, relational and valuing perspective on the person.
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of a professional counseling identity, which involves knowledge of an array of treatment models and relevant ethical obligations, as well as commitment to self-care and ongoing professional development 
  3. Apply educational, advocacy, consultative, preventive and interventive strategies to fostering mental health and wellness at individual and larger-system levels.  
  4. Apply diversity awareness in response to client needs at individual and larger-system levels.  
  5. Use appropriate, culturally–informed assessment strategies at all relevant dimensions of the treatment process. 
  6. Analyze relevant research findings for program-evaluation, as well as for the selection, evaluation and enhancement of treatment strategies. 
  7. Apply current diagnostic principles, informed by a comprehension of the impact of multicultural variables, co-occurring disorders, and crisis/trauma, during the diagnostic process.