Auditing Courses

Students who wish to enroll in a course or courses on a non-credit basis are classified as auditor students. Enrolled students are permitted to audit courses, and it is recommended that these students consult their academic advisor before denoting an audit status on a course. In addition, individuals who would like to audit courses for personal enrichment and who are not enrolled in courses for credit should contact the Registrar to complete a brief application form. Designation as an auditor must be made by the beginning of the semester, and this classification is irrevocable following the conclusion of the drop/ add time period. Permission to audit is granted by the instructor. The professor reserves the right to require or restrict an auditor’s participation in class discussions, examinations, laboratory work and other evaluation procedures. Auditors must attend classes according to the professor’s attendance policy for auditors. Auditor students receive a grade of “AUS,” which confers no college credit. Withdrawal from an audited course will be indicated on a student’s transcript by the symbol “AUW.” Those who do not fulfill attendance obligations and have not formally withdrawn from the class will receive an “AUU” on their transcripts.

International students wishing to attend class as audit students must complete the regular admissions procedure for international students.