Refund Policy

When considering the refund of excess funds on a student’s account, the University must have received all deferred sources of payment necessary to pay the account in full. These include outside scholarships and grants, subsidized and unsubsidized student or parent loans, monthly payment plans, and any other sources of deferred payments upon which the student’s registration was based.

Withdrawal Credit and Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from Franciscan University or from resident status at the University will not be entitled to any credit of charges unless an official withdrawal has been received in the Enrollment Services Department. An official Withdrawal Form must be fully completed by the student, dated, and signed by all designated official and the Registrar. Students dismissed or suspended by the University for disciplinary reasons will not be entitled to a refund.

When a student officially withdraws, Franciscan University will prorate the charges, based on the number of days enrolled, of total tuition, fees, room, and board for the period enrolled, through the ninth week of the semester. The balance of charges will be credited to the student’s account and/or refunded. After the ninth week of the semester, NO credit or refund of charges will be issued.

When the student drops a course or changes from full-time to part-time status, the University will refund 100 percent of the difference during the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, there will be no refunds unless the student completely withdraws from school.

The official enrollment status of each student will be determined at the end of the add/drop period, and financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.

Federal-Title IV Financial Aid

If a refund is due a student under the University’s refund policy and the student received any Title IV aid, the refund must be returned by the University to the Title IV program(s).

University Aid

If a student withdraws from the University during an academic term, the amount of University administered aid that will be recovered from the student is subject to the University’s tuition refund policy.

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