Other University Aid

Work Programs

A student seeking a job to help meet college expenses may be eligible for employment under Federal Work Study or Student Work Opportunity Programs (SWOP). Students are compensated for the number of hours worked for Franciscan University or an eligible off-campus agency. A student’s need is determined from FAFSA. (Limited)

Family Discount

Aware of the heavy burden imposed on parents of large families who wish to educate their children, the University offers a Family Discount Program. The family discount is available to families with two or more children at Franciscan University. To be eligible, students must be in attendance full time during the same semester and be financially dependent on the parents for their education.

The following scale is in effect for 2019-20 and represents the yearly amount discounted per full-time enrolled family member:

Students Enrolled Yearly award per student
2 $600
3 $800
4 $1,000