Fingerprints/Background Checks

Applicants for any State of Ohio teaching and/or administrative license as well as applicants to the teacher education program and applicants to student teaching must have their fingerprints taken according to the following instructions:

Bureau of Criminal Investigation Civilian Background Check:

Effective April 30, 2007, all Bureau of Criminal Investigation background checks must be done through the use of WebCheck.

This may be done locally at the Jefferson County Educational Service Center (across the street from McDonald’s on Sunset Boulevard).

You must have the correct change (cash only) and have a driver’s license or State ID.

You do not need an appointment. Hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

BCI only - $30; FBI only - $35; BCI and FBI - $65

Results should be back in one to two weeks.

Graduate students who are already working in the schools may have their background check done at their local school district office.

**Background checks are only good for one year and are required by law for licensure and also for all student participating in the field-based program.

Placement in the schools will not be done until the education department receives proof of the completion of the background check.