Program Objectives

Graduates of the Master of Science in Nursing Program will be prepared to:

  1. Integrate knowledge from nursing and the natural and behavioral sciences for the continual improvement of nursing care across diverse settings.
  2. Apply critical decision making, and leadership strategies to promote high quality safe patient care emphasizing ethical principles in a spirit of Christian maturity.
  3. Demonstrate how quality improvement methods and best evidence are utilized to improve quality of clinical practice.
  4. Translate and integrate best current evidence within the practice setting to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.
  5. Utilize information systems and patient care technologies in a legal and ethical manner to support health literacy and safe nursing practice.
  6. Advocate for policies that lead to improved health outcomes for populations and improvement of the quality of the health care system.
  7. Communicate effectively within nursing and inter-professional teams, fostering mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve safe, quality patient centered care.
  8. Apply best evidence in client-centered culturally appropriate prevention and population care services to individuals and communities.
  9. Translate, integrate, and apply knowledge to improve patient outcomes and excellence in advanced nursing practice.