Program Requirements for Degree Completion

General Requirements

Theology Foundational Courses (15 credits):

Because the work of catechesis has to be done in the broader study of Catholic theology, the MA degree in Catechetics requires the same foundational courses that are a part of the MA degree in Theology and Christian Ministry:

THE 619Biblical Hermeneutics


THE 606Dogmatic Theology I: Trinity, Christology, and Soteriology


THE 607Dogmatic Theology II: Church, Sacraments


THE 615Moral Theology


Total Credit Hours:3

Catechetical Foundational Courses:

Built upon a solid foundation of Catholic theology, the student will then study in greater detail the work of catechesis with the following foundational catechetical courses:

CAT 601Biblical Catechetics and Evangelization


CAT 602Deposit of Faith


CAT 603The Pedagogy of God I


CAT 604The Pedagogy of God II


Total Credit Hours:12


Students will also take at least nine credits in catechetical electives. If they wish, students may substitute up to three credits with a graduate theology or graduate philosophy course. Six of the nine credits must be Catechetics electives.

Catechism Exam:

Students must pass an examination based on the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church before completing their degree.

Comprehensive Examination:

The final curriculum requirement for the MA degree in Catechetics and Evangelization is a comprehensive examination which each student will take at completion of their foundational course work (THE 601, THE 602, THE 603, THE 604, THE 605 and CAT 601, CAT 602, CAT 603, CAT 604). The examination will test the overall comprehension of the content of the foundational courses each student has taken in the program at Franciscan University of Steubenville and the student’s ability to apply this knowledge creatively to various areas of Christian ministry and scholarship. The comprehensive examination must be proctored.

Minimum Grade Requirements:

Students must maintain a B average or above (3.0 QPA) to continue in the program. If a student receives a C+ or below in a graduate course, that course will not count toward the fulfillment of degree requirements. The student must achieve a B- or better for all of the foundation courses (THE 601, THE 602, THE 603, THE 604 and THE 605, and CAT 601, CAT 602, CAT 603 and CAT 604) or else that particular foundation course must be repeated and a grade of B- be achieved. For all other graduate courses in the MA in Catechetics program the student may elect not to repeat a course that falls below the required standard (at least a B-). If the course is repeated and a higher grade is attained, this grade will replace the previous grade on the student’s transcript. If the course is not repeated, the grade for the course will be calculated as part of the student’s cumulative QPA and another course must be taken (with a grade above C+) to fulfill the degree requirement of 36 credits.

Successful completion of 36 credit hours and the comprehensive examination are required for graduation.  In order to ensure continuity in the student’s education, the degree must be completed within seven years from the beginning of course work.