EDU 621 Planned Field Experience II (Planning for School Management)

This course extends experiences gained through the prerequisite course and EDU 560 Planned Field Experience I and provides opportunities for the student to experience supervisory/administrative responsibilities in a supervised, planned, and personalized program. The course is designed to have the student execute 12 administrative proficiencies dealing with the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC Standards). The proficiencies are designed for limited and sustained participation. The student will work with a practicing administrator who will guide, direct, and evaluate the student's attainment of the advanced proficiencies selected for the experiences. A graduate education faculty member will be assigned to the student to supervise the total experience and arrange for individual and two group meetings throughout the semester. The student will complete a minimum of 150 hours of fieldwork through the completion of EDU 621.




EDU 560


Course is also offered online.