A student may withdraw from a course until the withdrawal date published. No authorization will be given for withdrawal after this date. A withdrawal is not official until the withdrawal form is received in the Office of the Registrar. The withdrawal form must be signed by the Instructor and the Faculty Advisor or Program Director before it is accepted by the Registrar.

If a student officially withdraws from a course, a grade of “W” is submitted by the Instructor at the conclusion of the semester: There are no quality points associated with the “W” grade. A grade of “F” will be recorded for students who do not attend classes and who do not withdraw officially from a course.

Any withdrawal or change of course must be processed by an official Add/Drop or Withdrawal Form through the Registrar’s Office. Students may add or drop courses online through the last day to add/drop classes. Financial adjustments, if allowed, will be made only from the date of notification of withdrawal. Students who discontinue class attendance without officially completing the withdrawal procedures will be responsible for the full amount of the applicable tuition and fees.