Grade Challenge

Students may dispute a grade within a year of the grade being received. The student should arrange a meeting with the professor to discuss how the grade was determined. If a grade change is warranted, the professor will request a grade change with the Director of Advising and Academic Operations, giving a valid reason for the change. After the one year time limit, no changes will be made.

At the first level, any student with a complaint of this nature should consult directly and personally with the instructor in question. If no settlement is forthcoming at this stage, the student may then appeal to the department chair of the instructor in question, presenting his/her case to the department chair in the presence and only in the presence of the instructor. If no settlement is reached at this stage, a final appeal may be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by either the student or the instructor. It will be the direct and personal responsibility of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (not to be delegated) to make the final decision in the dispute after simultaneous consultation with the student, instructor, and department chair. Should the student refuse to follow the sequence herein outlined, his/her complaint shall be considered void.