Grading System

The University’s official grading system is as follows:

Exceptional Work: A = 4.0 quality points per credit hour
A- = 3.7 quality points per credit hour
Very Good Work: B+ = 3.3 quality points per credit hour
B = 3.0 quality points per credit hour
B- = 2.7 quality points per credit hour
Good Work: C+ = 2.3 quality points per credit hour
C = 2.0 quality points per credit hour
C- = 1.7 quality points per credit hour
Marginal Work: D+ = 1.3 quality points per credit hour
D = 1.0 quality points per credit hour
D- = 0.7 quality points per credit hour
Failing: F = 0.0 quality points per credit hour

Faculty have the freedom to determine what constitutes each grade for their classes.

Other Grades Recorded

AUS Audit Satisfied = No quality points or credits.
AUU Audit not completed = No quality points or credits.
AUW Audit Withdrawn = No quality points or credits.
P Passing = No quality points. This grade is allowed only in classes approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
W Withdrew = No quality points.
I Incomplete = No quality points or credits. This grade indicates that the work has not been completed because of factors that in the opinion of the instructor were outside the control of the student. Permission for this grade must be obtained from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The student has 30 days after the beginning of the succeeding semester to remove an incomplete grade. If it is not removed within that period, the grade automatically becomes F.
CE Credit by examination = No quality points.
NR Not Reported = No quality points or credits. This grade is given if a grade is not reported by a faculty member. Students should contact the faculty member when an NR appears on the grade report.

Quality Point Average

A student’s academic standing at the University is measured by the quality point average. To find this QPA, multiply the number of credit hours attempted by the numerical value of the grade (A=4; B+=3.3; etc.) This total is a student’s quality points. Divide this total by the number of credit hours attempted to obtain the quality point average. For example:

Course Credits Grade Quality Points
English 3 x B = 3.0 9.0
History 3 x C+ = 2.3 6.9
Philosophy 3 x A = 4.0 12.0
Science 3 x D+ = 1.3 3.9
Language 3 x F = 0.0 0.0
15 divided into 31.8=2.12 QPA

Quality Point Average and Graduation

To graduate a student must have:

  • An overall 2.00 QPA; that is, the average for all courses taken at Franciscan University must result in a minimum 2.00 QPA.
  • Students must also achieve a 2.00 QPA in their major program beyond the introductory courses, and overall in their minor courses. This calculation is based on Franciscan University courses only.

Note: Student may achieve an overall 2.00 QPA and not be eligible for graduation if they lack the necessary 2.00 QPA in the major program.

Mid-Term Grade Reports

Faculty are required to submit mid-term deficiencies for those students who are performing less than average or poor quality course work. In general, deficiencies represent grades C minus or below and are processed midway, through the semester as determined by the Academic Calendar. Students will be notified by email to check online for deficiencies approximately two weeks prior to the last day for withdrawal. Students receiving deficiencies can find this information located on their MyFranciscan student account; they may also request this information from their instructors. Parents who have permission to review their student’s grades will receive notification of their student’s deficiencies in the mail.

Final Grade Reports

Faculty submit final grades by deadlines determined by academic policy and the academic calendar. Final grades are not mailed to students or their parents but are available to students online on MyFranciscan. Unofficial copies of grades and transcripts may be printed from the student’s online account. Students needing official grade reports for employer reimbursement or other verify must make their request in writing to the Registrar’s Office.

Grade Challenge

Students may dispute a grade within a year of the grade being received. The student should arrange a meeting with the professor to discuss how the grade was determined. If a grade change is warranted, the professor will request a grade change with the Director of Advising and Academic Operations, giving a valid reason for the change. After the one year time limit, no changes will be made.

At the first level, any student with a complaint of this nature should consult directly and personally with the instructor in question. If no settlement is forthcoming at this stage, the student may then appeal to the department chair of the instructor in question, presenting his/her case to the department chair in the presence and only in the presence of the instructor. If no settlement is reached at this stage, a final appeal may be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by either the student or the instructor. It will be the direct and personal responsibility of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (not to be delegated) to make the final decision in the dispute after simultaneous consultation with the student, instructor, and department chair. Should the student refuse to follow the sequence herein outlined, his/her complaint shall be considered void.