Students who cheat on or plagiarize any test, paper, or other assignment shall be disciplined appropriately. Professors may further define what constitutes cheating in their various courses. If the professor, in his or her judgment, considers that the incident is minor and/ or inadvertent, he or she can deal with it as he or she sees fit up to and including failure on the assignment. If the professor considers that the infraction is a major violation, then it shall be reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his or her representative, and the professor will impose a penalty on the student that can range from receiving a zero on the assignment to failing the course, according to the professor’s discretion, and have a memorandum of this action placed in the student’s file. If a student commits a second, documented offense against academic integrity, dismissal from Franciscan University of Steubenville will result, with the action so noted in the student’s permanent record. Absent a successful student appeal, a student accused of academic dishonesty may not withdraw from the course in which the alleged infraction has taken place.